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Our Product Groups


Standard Parcel Group

Your products are safe!

A.Box is the most preferred type due to its ease of storage, high durability and low cost. It is preferred by all sectors from A to Z in logistics and warehousing.


Cardboard Angle Group

Printed or unprinted option!

Angle brackets produced from paper types such as kraft, testliner and straw are a product required by exporting companies. If the brackets are placed at the four corners of the box, they increase the crushing strength of the box.


Printed Duct Tape Group

Suitable for your corporate structure!

 We manufacture custom printed duct tape in any size and color using the emblem, text, picture and symbol you want. The use of printed duct tape prevents your packaging from being opened up to the point of consumption and provides safety and personality to your packaged goods, while providing free advertising and promotion advantages.


Special Cut Box Group

No need for duct tape!

Cut boxes are designed and produced specifically for certain products. As a privilege of the production method, every desired form and every detail can be easily applied to the molds.


Honeycomb Panel Group

Very high vertical transport!

The cardboard honeycomb panel is used as a separator between the products lined up on top of each other and acts as a shelf in the pallet and the parcel. It is possible to produce in any desired thickness, width and length.


Plastic Balloon Group

Recycled printed bags!

With the use of carrying bags in storage, shipment and heavy industry transportation, textile, fast moving consumer goods and all kinds of bulk areas, the transportation of products is easier. Carrying bags are produced in different sizes, with or without printing, depending on the customer's request.


BCA Triplex Parcel Group

2.000 KG carrying capacity!

Triplex Parcel Types are a type of packaging that is generally used in the industrial sector with its robust structure and high strength. It has a carrying capacity of up to 2,000 Kilograms.


Paper Pallet Group

Recyclable Up to 3 Tons!

Compared to the Euro pallet, it is not only more economical, but also does not harm both nature and human health because it is 100% recyclable. At the same time, it is recycled into raw material again. 


Stretch Film Group

High strength stretches!

Stretch Films Pallet stretch films, which are not affected by rain, have the durability and flexibility ability that wraps sharp-edged products without tearing. Pallet stretch films, which are an economical product, save labor and time. Pallet stretch films have two options, manual and super power. 

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