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Social responsibility

7 Years  Our Social Responsibility  we are aware

Beta Ambalaj acts "ethically" and "responsible" towards all its stakeholders with the awareness of "Corporate Social Responsibility". It prioritizes the understanding of social responsibility in all the projects it carries out and pays attention to it.

Beta Ambalaj, as a part of Variant Group, has taken care to operate in line with these principles since the day it was founded. Beta Packaging; takes measures to protect the nature, environment and occupational health in every activity it carries out towards the goal of sustainable growth.

Beta Ambalaj has become an institution that aims to increase the level of economic growth and welfare by protecting the environment and the quality of life of all people on earth, in short, attaches importance to sustainable development.  For this reason, Beta Ambalaj,  It tries to offer solutions that can be beneficial to both people and the environment with the innovative products it has developed.

In addition, it is aware of its responsibility towards all its stakeholders in its activities, and sees this awareness as investing in people, the future, the environment and its relations with stakeholders beyond legal obligations.


Beta Packaging Scholarship Program

Beta Scholarship was launched in 2015 with the support of our employees and business partners to contribute to the education of successful high school and university students who have difficulties in continuing their education life due to economic difficulties. Every year, we stand by 30 students who have difficulty in continuing their education life due to economic difficulties.


Beta Packaging Training Program

Beta Education carries out many trainings every year thanks to the special training program for its business partners, which it started in 2018. The following trainings are provided in the training program for each of our business partners once a year.

◉ Correspondence Techniques in Business Life
◉ Motivation and Time Management
◉ Creative and Design Thinking
◉ Warehouse and Stock Management
◉ Work Life and Stress Management


Beta Packaging Afforestation Program

Beta Afforestation was established in 2017 with the motto of social responsibility and sustainability.  afforestation works. Every year in November, a forestation event is organized with all our employees and their families. 

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