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about us

7 Years of Industry Experience
We are at your service with our expert staff.

Our basic principle is the desire to work with our business partners for a long time with our 34 expert staff who adopt a continuous improvement-oriented approach.

We are taking firm steps forward in the sector with our quality certificates.

Kalite Belgelerimiz


In addition to its state-of-the-art machinery, Beta Ambalaj produces innovative products in the corrugated cardboard industry with its experienced and dynamic production team, which aims to produce quality, customer-oriented, products in accordance with standards, different ideas, corporate management approach, and investments in people and technology.

In line with the demands of the customer companies, we produce corrugated cardboard boxes and boxes in any color and quality, with or without printing, and deliver them to the warehouse of the ordering companies. In our factory, we produce all kinds of corrugated cardboard boxes and boxes, from the smallest box to the largest box, packaging used in food, automotive, furniture, white goods, textile, heavy industry and many other sectors.

Our quality policy

To meet the developing and changing needs and expectations of our customers perfectly every time, to make our product and service quality permanent,

Integrating with our suppliers and creating a perfect bond with a constantly developing business partnership understanding,

By continuously improving production inputs and technology, not to harm the natural environment that will be handed over to the next generations,

To keep our service personnel at the required level of responsibility, to constantly care about the awareness of improvement and development, to always keep their training and qualifications at the highest level,


To comply with national and international laws and values, to apply the quality management system faithfully, to ensure its continuity without compromise, to continuously improve the effectiveness of all business processes and quality management system;


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