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Duct Tape Production

With our high-speed machines, we serve you in a closed area of 8,000 m² with an annual production capacity of 8000 tons.

We can quickly meet your demands from our existing stocks, and we can quickly meet your special sized and 4-color printed demands.

Beta Ambalaj increases its position and quality by growing among tape manufacturers. 

Duct Tape Group


Strong Adhesive Feature


Production in Desired Color


Production in Desired Width and Length


Printed Duct Tape

We manufacture custom printed duct tape in any size and color using the emblem, text, picture and symbol you want.

Among the biggest advantages of using printed tape, you will have the opportunity to make free advertisements and promotions thanks to the printed packaging tape, as well as having a more corporate structure for your company. For this reason, printed duct tape, which is specially prepared for companies, is generally used to fulfill the same functions, although it differs according to its intended use.

Re n k Printed production can be made.


Acrylic Duct Tape

The most important feature that distinguishes acrylic tapes from other tapes is that it is a type of tape that provides long-lasting and full efficiency by using it on nylon, plastic and film surfaces. It is preferred because it is very durable and provides more efficiency according to the width of the usage areas and weather conditions.

Thanks to acrylic foam tape, which is more durable than other tape types and at levels that others cannot reach, higher efficiency is achieved. Acrylic foam tape is used effectively on exterior facades by showing high resistance to weather conditions and is among the most effective tapes with full efficiency.

4 RenkPrinted production can be made.


Hotmelt Duct Tape

Hotmelt tape is generally used for closing packages during cargo operations in our country. For this reason, it is actively used by companies that carry out cargo operations on a continuous basis.

Hotmelt tape is made of cardboard, nylon and so on. It is used in order to prevent the products from being damaged by closing the products in a healthy way. For this reason, Hotmelt tape has a very important place for companies or individual users who are interested in cargo transactions.


4 RenkPrinted production can be made.

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