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Stretch Film Production

With our high-speed machines, we serve you in a closed area of 8.000 m² with an annual production capacity of 18000 tons.

We can quickly meet your demands from our existing stocks, and we can quickly meet your special sized requests.

Beta Ambalaj increases its position and quality by growing among the stretch film manufacturers. 

Stretch Film Group



High performance and tear resistant

It can be stretched with 180% elongation rate.

300 gram, 350 gram, 400 gram Cardboard Bobbins or as per request   production.

12 micron, 15 micron, 17 micron and 23 micron thicknesses   winding can be done.

Thicknesses of 15, 17 and 23 microns are readily available in our stock.

Winding can be done with the desired length. From 70 meters to 400 meters   Rolls can be prepared for Hand Winding until

Kg-based or Meter-based production is made.

Environmentally friendly and recyclable.



They are machine stretch films with higher elongation rates than normal stretch films.


It does not break on hard and angular surfaces.

It is tested according to the Winding Machines used.


Supplied as standard length rolls of 1500 meters.

Thicknesses can be produced as 12 micron, 15 micron, 17 micron and 23 micron.


We always have Superpower products with 17 and 23 micron thickness in our stock.



Catering to special industrial demand, our Jumbo rolls are much longer than regular machine stretch films, but can be easily unrolled using high-speed rewinders.

High transparency, wonderful gloss, high water vapor barrier properties, excellent heat sealing and packaging flatness, suitable for high-speed packaging, can prevent dust, moisture, oil and not easy to deformation, to improve product quality, increase product value, ensure the packaging products can be used for a long time .

Jumbo Stretch Film is available in thicknesses from 11 to 50 microns in excellent quality to meet specific customer requirements.



There is no need to apply forcefully for pre-stretched stretch films. It is tear and puncture resistant. It provides fast packaging.


It is very advantageous due to the saving caused by the thickness difference. It is especially used in light product winding, but it is also preferred in heavy products due to its strong durability.

Due to its reinforced edges, its load carrying capacity and tear resistance are much higher than ordinary films. It provides a tight grip and does not stretch compared to normal stretch films.

Pre-Stretch Film, also called recycled stretch film, is a stretch film that has been stretched before wrapping a load.



In normal use, stretch films are used in 50 cm width.


Special size stretch film is the production of stretch film cut in various sizes.


It provides convenience in winding narrow materials or thin long materials.


It is also used in automatic special machines used for product wrapping.


They are special products cut in widths such as 10 cm, 12.5 cm, 16.6 cm, 25 cm, 100 cm.

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